What is a Brand Ambassador’s role with Greenlight Marketing?

A Brand Ambassador works as an Independent Contractor with Greenlight Marketing on an activation-to-activation basis.  Our clients will request BAs to work their promotions and we reach out to those BAs fitting the criteria requested by client.  Brand Ambassadors can accept the available promotion dates/shifts or not.  

What does Independent Contractor mean?

A Brand Ambassador is an Independent Contractor.  Simply put, NOT an employee of Greenlight Marketing.  You will invoice Greenlight Marketing after you work the promotion/activation.  You are responsible for your own taxes at the end of the year. (Greenlight Marketing will send a 1099-Misc form if you pass $600 of pay in the calendar year)

What does it cost to work with Greenlight Marketing?

Nothing!  An hourly rate or program activation rate are discussed and agreed upon before the activation commences.

What kind of experience do I need to be considered by Greenlight Marketing?

We work with experienced Brand Ambassadors as well as those who are brand new to the industry. Everyone starts somewhere and we welcome submissions from anyone and everyone.

How do I submit myself to Greenlight Marketing?

Please see our Submissions page!